Ringing in the Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year celebrations continue. Also known as the Spring Festival, it’s the most important Chinese holiday, for which millions of Chinese travel across their vast country by road, (increasingly fast) rail, boat or plane to reach their… Read More

“What’s For Dinner?” to be Screened at Apple Store, Beijing

“What’s For Dinner?” director Jian Yi will be at the Sanlitun, Beijing Apple Store on February 19th 2010, to showcase his recent films. Jian Yi is among a handful of filmmakers invited to discuss the use of Apple… Read More

Biodiversity’s Dollar Value

Costa Ricans elected their first female President, Laura Chinchilla, last week. This appointment can be added to the long list of Costa Rica’s accolades; the abolition of its standing army, free health care and education for all, its… Read More

Native New Yorkers, the Four-Legged Kind

Is that the neighbor’s dog barking in the apartment upstairs, or should you look out the window for something a little wilder? On Sunday morning, Columbia University Public Safety spotted three coyotes in front of Lewisohn Hall, on… Read More

Copenhagen Calculations ( Not CO2)

Of course, the debate about acceptable levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions rages in Copenhagen at the climate talks, both in and outside the meeting halls. “No Planet B” signs read at the large protest march… Read More

Elephants Can Remember

Bad news for elephants from Africa: illegal killing is up and the ivory trade is increasingly being run by well-organized gangs. Seizures of illegal ivory doubled between 2008 and 2009. Key areas of elephant poaching are in west… Read More

Secretary Clinton’s Summer Reading

As I read about U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s multi-country trip through Africa this month, I couldn’t help but wonder how the diligent Clinton would prepare. Would she (or her aides), for example, read Nobel peace laureate… Read More

China: Animal Welfare on the Legal Docket

China has drafted its first Animal Protection Law. At present, Chinese animal law covers wildlife only. A team of experts headed by Chang Jiwen, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences‘ Social Law Research Department, is looking… Read More

A New Africa

For what seems like decades now, scholars, editorial writers, celebrities and anti-poverty campaigners have been talking about the New Africa. It’s here, they’ve said. Or it’s on the horizon. It needs midwifing. It’s delayed. It’s breached. It’s a… Read More

The Rights of Nature

It’s hard to be immune to the natural beauty in Antigua, Guatemala, where I spent several days at the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference, “Women Redefining Democracy.” Morning and evening, the hills are shrouded in a light mist. By… Read More