Seal Reprieve

Breaking news from Russia: it’s banned the hunt of baby seals — so-called “white coats” — and plans to extend the ban to all seals under a year old. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke out in favor of… Read More

Food and Sovereignty: Ructions

Food and power. The situation in Madagascar caused me to reflect on this more deeply: the elected president has been driven from office (officially he resigned) in favor of a young politician supported by the military. The new… Read More

Gorilla Year

The year 2009 has been declared the Year of the Gorilla to focus attention on the threats to the small remaining populations in central Africa as well as to celebrate and honor them. In eastern Congo where several… Read More

Nothing Fey About This

Tina Fey isn’t the only dark-haired actress-comedian Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a bone to pick with. She’s angry now at Ashley Judd for appearing in a Defenders of Wildlife advertisement lambasting Alaska’s “predator control” policies for the… Read More

Some Pig

News from China, by way of a New York Times blog. One very resilient pig survived the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake, living, under a pile of rubble, for thirty-six days on charcoal and water. He’d lost two-thirds of… Read More

Mega Fauna, at Large and Not

Charismatic mammals often get more public attention, but the adulation and interest don’t necessarily lead to more protections for their rights or habitats or quality of life. In fact, sometimes it’s the direct opposite. The Los Angeles Times… Read More

Whales and War Games

“In this case, however, the proper determination of where the public interest lies does not strike us as a close question.” So wrote John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, in his majority (5-4) ruling against restrictions on… Read More

California No-Longer-Just Dreaming

California sets the pace for the U.S. in many ways, as if being on the edge of a huge ocean (much vaster than the eastern U.S.’ sea border, the Atlantic) improves, or at least informs, long-term vision. On… Read More

Denaturing, the Fiscal Crisis and Nature’s Rights

OK, so you think $700 billion is a lot to stem (rescue or bailout) the financial crisis, an infusion of cash that may not even stop the stock slide. How about $2 to $5 trillion. No, that’s not… Read More


No, I’m not attempting to provide pre-debate punditry on the likely outcome of the Palin-Biden VP-wanna be match-up on October 2nd. What I am doing, though, is observing an interesting strain in the Palin coverage: recognition by the… Read More