Skillful Means: A New Report from Brighter Green

New York-based policy action tank Brighter Green’s new report, Skillful Means: The Challenges of China’s Encounter with Factory Farming (PDF) explores the emerging superpower’s “livestock revolution,” which is having serious impacts on public health, food security, and equity… Read More

Animals and War: Further Dispatches

More news from the frontlines about the toll of war on other animals. In a recent article, Newsweek calls endangered species the “new conflict diamonds.” Trade in ivory and wildlife, poached mainly in Africa and shipped mostly to… Read More

On the Frontlines

Animals and war may sound like a strange pairing: while we know from Jane Goodall’s research that chimpanzee groups do in fact go to “war” with each other, armed conflict is a distinctly human activity. Yet given our… Read More

Kenya 3.0: Finally, a Semblance of Peace

Finally, after two months of tumult, and more than 40 days of mediation by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Kenya’s two rivals for the presidency have signed a peace deal. They’ll share power in a coalition government, with… Read More

Meat Miasma

The USDA has just announced the largest beef recall in U.S. history: 143 million pounds from a California slaughterhouse. A Humane Society of the U.S. undercover investigator documented egregious abuses of non-ambulatory or “down” cows here. Cows were… Read More

O, Kenya

It’s been three weeks since Kenyans went to the polls to elect a new president and parliament. Millions of Kenyans turned out in what initially seemed a free, fair and even exultant process for most voters. What happened… Read More

Elephants at Ease, and Not

I’ve seen elephants in my time: like many children, first in zoos, where I’d be amazed at their size and deflated by their small enclosures; in one of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’s wretched parades; and… Read More

Watching Washoe

I was in Seattle when Washoe, the wild-caught chimpanzee from West Africa who’d been taught American Sign Language in the 1960s, passed away at age 42. What intrigued me was the media response. Washoe was accorded a long,… Read More

Congo Gorillas: Possibly in Firing Line

Sad news from Central Africa, for its wildlife and people. Civil strife has broken out again in Congo, even though the civil war has formally ended and mostly free and fair elections were held earlier this year. Rebels… Read More

Elephants Freed, Now What?

Even in fast-globalizing India, some long-standing values have their place. A recent decision by state authorities banning working elephants from Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay and India’s commercial capital) attests to this. City life, the authorities said, was… Read More