In Copenhagen, with a Waiting World

The African group walked out of the climate talks today. There’s a big divide in the negotiations: stick with the Kyoto Protocol until something else is agreed, or drop it in favor of a new deal in which… Read More

I’m Cutting Back on Carbon—It Goes Straight to My Hips.

The nutrition information now posted on menus all over New York has been powerful enough to scare me away from several guilty pleasures, including Starbucks and Chipotle. Even without meat, cheese, or sour cream, a burrito from this… Read More

NYC Food and Climate Summit a Success, But Still, Little Talk of Meat

Thirty-six hours after registration for Just Food’s Food and Climate Summit opened, a thousand people had signed up online and maximum capacity was reached. A wait-list of a thousand more soon formed, and it too was closed shortly… Read More

Can Animals Help Us Reduce Climate Change?

Humans won’t be the only ones affected if anthropogenic climate change continues at current rates. Although human industries like agriculture and transportation are largely responsible for increased greenhouse gas emissions, all species on earth will be subjected to… Read More

Climate Wake Up Call: Answered, or Not?

Will world leaders agree on a plan to address global climate change? The question doesn’t yet have an answer. This week at the United Nations, Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai delivered a message to the heads of state… Read More

Guangdong: Pigs, Pollution, and Politics

Three weeks of filming in China and just over three weeks of blogging….The last stop for the “Meat World: China” documentary team is Guangdong province in the far south of the country. It’s here that industry and animal… Read More

African Leaders Unify Position Ahead of Copenhagen Climate Talks

African leaders met this past week in Addis Ababa in preparation for the Copenhagen climate talks in December. Delegates from Algeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria and Uganda met at the African Union (AU) headquarters to agree… Read More

Indian Youth Prepare to “Be the Change”

A week-long climate change camp kicks off this Saturday in New Delhi with the goal of empowering the next generation of South Asian climate activists. Organized by the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN), Badlaav 09: Be the Change… Read More

Of Foodprints and Climate – Local Response to Global Problem

So, what’s a foodprint? And what’s its significance today? New York City foodprint resolution introduced today, June 30th. See news item for details on Wednesday, July 1st press conference at New York City Hall. Foodprint (n): our food… Read More

Climate Movers

It’s no longer novel to posit that human beings and other species are migrating faster further due to climate change. Another new report makes this case and marshals the global data. But what does this look like on… Read More