Primates: Good News and Bad

A drought of blogs here, due to a range of other Brighter Green projects, but rain (of a sort) has returned. In fact, it has been a very rainy summer in New York, but sunny, too. A paradox,… Read More

Food Matters…Again

In Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has convened a summit to deal with the world’s growing food crisis, which threatens — through high prices and flagging production — to push another 100 million people into the… Read More

Billion Bag Ban

On June 1st, China imposed a national ban on ultra-thin plastic bags, the kind we all get — or have — at supermarkets, drug stores and even, sometimes, at fruit or vegetable stands. From yesterday, shoppers in China… Read More

Rosy City

I’ve been spending a few days in Portland, Oregon, also known as the City of Roses. The roses aren’t in bloom yet, but the lilacs are. Large bushes or trees of them seem to be everywhere here, in… Read More

A Warming World….in Manhattan

Climate change means erratic weather, melting polar ice caps, rising seas and more intense hurricanes, droughts and floods. Green energy means lower greenhouse gas emissions and more trees left standing to combat desertification, reduce soil erosion, and offset… Read More

Just in Time…

For Earth Day, author-activist Anna Lappe has launched a great new Website on the intersections between food and climate change, Take a Bite out of Climate Change. It’s chock-a-block with facts, ideas for action — including how and… Read More

Kenya 3.0: Finally, a Semblance of Peace

Finally, after two months of tumult, and more than 40 days of mediation by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Kenya’s two rivals for the presidency have signed a peace deal. They’ll share power in a coalition government, with… Read More

Avoided …More Plastic Tales

For nearly a year, I’ve been waging a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in my local, independent health food store. It’s pretty low-level — nothing like the Super, Duper Tuesday contests. But like the presidential… Read More

From Bali to Bulbs

Coastal cities are among the places most at risk from rising seas, one of the anticipated effects of global climate change. Venice, Italy is no exception. It often floods in winter, with gondolas able to float in the… Read More

Road to Bali

As delegates gather in Bali, Indonesia, for the latest conference of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, it’s worth remembering that the Kyoto Protocol inexplicably contained perverse incentives (well, it’s not entirely unexplained, but that’s… Read More