Global Warming Diet: Lose Weight, Help the Planet

U.S. Public health experts, including those at the Centers for Disese Control and Prevention (CDC), are looking at national statistics on obesity and other chronic diseases in light of climate change realities. And, they’re coming up with a… Read More

Farm Aid in NYC: September 9th

That New York City has a lot of eaters — informed, passionate, concerned eaters — is one of the reasons the annual Farm Aid concert in support of America’s small family farmers is being held at Randalls Island… Read More

Cows and the Climate: the View from There

At the end of March, I got an on-the-ground view of the impacts of climate change. The scene wasn’t pretty. I found myself in a pick-up truck driving into the Rift Valley about an hour outside Nairobi. In… Read More

Brighter Green Produces First Publication

Brighter Green, in league with Farm Sanctuary, has produced a white paper (PDF), analyzing the U.S. Farm Bill. Brighter Green wanted to approach the paper from a holistic perspective: in other words, one that examined the issues of… Read More