Foraging a Feast in New York City Parks  

I started taking an herbal medicine course at Arborvitae in New York City this past September with the goal of understanding how other cultures interpret the body and approach healthcare in general. From Chinese Medicine to Western Medicine,… Read More

Food Waste and Recycling in China: Too Easy, Too Hard (Part II)

Continued from Part I: The Leftovers: Consuming and Emitting Nutrition that could save people from hunger is not the only thing being carelessly wasted; the already scarce natural resources used to grow the food, such as land and… Read More

Food Waste and Recycling in China: Too Easy, Too Hard (Part I)

Wanqing Zhou is a guest blogger for Brighter Green. As a major producer and consumer of agricultural products on the planet, China faces a serious problem of food waste as it takes off towards a sustainable urbanization and… Read More

Updates from COP 18, the Climate Conference in Doha

Brighter Green is attending COP 18 in Doha, Qatar. Here is some of the latest news from the conference: Xie Zheng—Chinese musician, activist, and environmentalist—featured in Brighter Green’s documentary What’s for Dinner? traveled from Beijing to Doha to… Read More

China’s Meat-y Present…and the Global Future?

In the last two decades China has been transformed from a predominantly vegetarian society to a society that is responsible for consumption of one-fourth of the world’s meat supply. This transformation is the result of several factors, including… Read More

Author/Attorney Jim Mason on Multiple Downsides of Factory Farming

Brighter Green just released a video featuring an interview with Jim Mason, author, attorney, long-time activist, and a member of the Brighter Green advisory board . Mason discusses the detrimental effects of factory farming on the environment, animals,… Read More

Literary Animal: Reading India, Part II

Coinciding with the launch of our recent India case study, Veg or Non-Veg? India at a Crossroads, we are continuing our blog series examining where recent writings on a changing India intersect with Brighter Green’s interests in animal… Read More

Large Scale or Small Scale

Large-scale projects may sound beneficial and grandiose but whether they actually provide the necessary benefit is questionable. Recently, a large Kenyan power company, Lake Turkana Wind Power, released a plan to construct 350 wind turbines on leased land… Read More

Killing Bad Incentives, and Not

‎”Sustainable intensification” of agriculture is another buzz phrase at the COP 17 climate conference in Durban. No one really has defined what it is. Like “climate-smart agriculture” it could be taken to mean a lot. The glass half… Read More

How to Approach Rural Solar

A growing trend to electrify rural areas is emerging due to entrepreneurs finding creative ways to implement solar technology. There are family solar units, which are kits placed in homes used to power lights and small devices. Some… Read More