The Indian Egg

India’s egg consumption, like chicken consumption has been growing steadily. The big states for egg production are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu (mostly for export) Punjab and Haryana. Last week, my partner, Wan Park, and I visited several battery… Read More

Mr. Wang Builds His Pig Farm

After wrapping up the shoot in Beijing, the “Meat World: China” documentary team has headed south to Jiangxi province. That’s nearly 20 hours by train. But this time, no one had to stand: the crew had sleeper seats…. Read More

Mr. and Mrs. Yu’s Famous Vegan Diner

The “Meat World: China” film team’s last stop in Beijing was a visit to Beijing’s Vegan Hut, China’s first vegan restaurant where, we could see in the dailies (clips of the team’s footage, compressed and uploaded in China,… Read More

“Meat World: China”: Filming Begins

Brighter Green is trying to answer a big question: can people in the developing world eat as much meat and dairy as people in the industrialized countries without destroying the planet? And do they really want to? Right… Read More

Swine Flu…and a Songbird

As swine flu is discovered in more and more countries, and as the human death toll in Mexico mounts, some people are reacting by avoiding pork. Not a bad thing, but not an effective way to stem the… Read More

China, Rights, Land and Milk

China’s government has announced a major new land reform policy. Land-holders, including millions of small-scale farmers, will now be able to access markets where they can swap, lease or exchange land usage rights. Some observers say this will… Read More

Disappearing Climates

“There used to be monkeys here,” my guide, an American who’d lived in Costa Rica for years, told me as we walked through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. “There used to be quetzals, too,” he added, of the… Read More

Ferrets, Footloose

A few years ago, I was in Wyoming and late one evening, the group of us, organized by Keystone Conservation, based in Bozeman, MT, joined a few wildlife biologists for a night of “spotlighting.” No, not some arcane… Read More

Not Melting, but Flying

Ambivilance is how I greeted the news that Air Greenland will soon start direct flights between the U.S. and Greenland. The Greenland ice shelf, which covers nearly all of the country, apart from a thin strip around the… Read More

Jaguars, Burning Bright

Recently, I’ve been thinking about jaguars, three in particular. One is on my wall, his or her face slightly hidden behind a tree branch in the Belize Zoo, or at least that’s where I think it was taken…. Read More