Affiliate Event – Global Climate Action Summit

Affiliate Event – Global Climate Action Summit

Food and Climate Strategy Session: Building Solidarity with Demand-side Solutions

Tuesday 11 September
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (525 Golden Gate Avenue), 2nd Floor

Brighter Green and partners Loyola Marymount University, Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium (MC-4), ProVeg International, Friends of the Earth, and members of the Food and Climate Alliance hosted a strategy session during the Global Climate Action Summit to engage, link, and push forward ambitious climate action in the food, agriculture, and land use sector, by focusing on mitigation and co-benefits from shifting diets (specifically in populations that are over-consuming).

We had a fruitful, facilitated discussion, framed by a few short introductory presentations by technical experts and change-makers. During this session we dove into difficult questions and developed cross-sectoral strategies (global, national, sub-national, and local) that move forward shifting diets as a climate change mitigation strategy, highlighting the role of meat and other animal-based products, as well as feed. We had break-out groups that covered the following topics: Procurement: Corporate campaigns/ public/ institutional policy, National policy (can include things like dietary guidelines, subsidies), Investor strategies, International policy/Strategies for the global south, Communications/Messaging, marketing, and awareness (including individual climate action), Sustainable agriculture, and Culinary.

The event was supported by VegFund and venue donated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.