Animal Farming and Planet Health at COP21

Animal Farming and Planet Health at COP21

A grande view of the Eiffel Tower at the civil society rally on the last day of COP21.

December 23, 2015

Associate Wanqing Zhou has a new blog on Brighter Green’s side events at COP21. Here’s a snippet from the blog (which can be read in its entirety here):

Brighter Green’s side events took place in the second week of COP21, when the number of other side events related to meat production and consumption also increased. These stimulated discussion on animal farming and its impact on climate change, environmental pollution, food security, and public health. Experience of dietary change was also a hot topic, with philosophical reflection on the wide-spread overconsumption of meat and the differences between typical western and eastern views of nature and health, and on whether meat, eggs, and dairy should be considered foods at all.

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