Associate Wanqing Zhou’s Article Featured on Homepage of <em>Diálogo Chino</em>

Associate Wanqing Zhou’s Article Featured on Homepage of Diálogo Chino

Wanqing Zhou has written an article for Diálogo Chino based on her Triangle research for last year’s Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption in Shanghai.

Wanqing looks at China’s recent announcement to lift its ban on beef imports from Brazil, and the consequences of this economic shift, including further consolidation of a resource-intensive global production model.

The article is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and also Chinese on Diálogo Chino’s sister site, China Dialogue. The text versions of the article are also available:

Reestablished China-Brazil beef trade means more than cheap churrasco
English: U.S. Letter (PDF) || A4 (PDF)

Exportação de carne brasileira para a China não significa apenas churrasco barato
Português: U.S. Letter (PDF) || A4 (PDF)

La vuelta del comercio de carne vacuna entre China y Brasil implica mucho más que churrascos baratos
Español: U.S. Letter (PDF) || A4 (PDF)

中国: U.S. Letter (PDF)|| A4 (PDF)

For more on Wanqing’s Triangle research, see her interview from July 2014 with Our Hen House. The Triangle summary (in English and Chinese) can be found here. For more on The Triangle, click here.