Brighter Green at COP25

Brighter Green at COP25

Brighter Green will be at this year’s Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25 for short). It’s taking place from December 2-13, 2019 in Madrid, Spain, but under the Presidency of the Government of Chile.

We’ve prepared a set of policy recommendations for the COP as well as a policy brief with the Center for Biological Diversity and 13 other organizations called “An Urgent Call to Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Food and Agriculture.”

We will be participating in collaborative events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness of and laying the groundwork for concrete action on animal agriculture and climate change. We will be partnering with a number of groups including Food and Climate Alliance, 50by40, Global Forest Coalition, ProVeg, The Buddhist Tzu Chi, and more. See our page for more info, updates, photos, and more.

Some of the events and exhibits that we will be participating in include:

Transformative Climate Resilient Pathways for Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems and Diets
Date: Monday 2nd, December
Location: Room 5
Representatives from civil society, UN, countries, interfaith, and academia discuss transformative pathways to promote sustainable and healthy food systems and diets while ensuring the conservation of forests, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and spiritual values.

Exhibit with the Global Forest Coalition
Date: Monday 9th, December and Tuesday 10th, December
Location: Booth 3
The exhibit will spotlight research documenting how animal agriculture is a significant driver of global GHGs, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution; and concrete ways that food and ag can be changed to ensure climate sanity and protection/rights of human and non-human communities.