Mia MacDonald and Wanqing Zhou Featured in the Global Forest Coalition’s Magazine

Mia MacDonald and Wanqing Zhou Featured in the Global Forest Coalition’s Magazine

Forest Cover 49 (2016)

The Founder and Executive Director of Brighter Green, Mia MacDonald, and Associate Wanqing Zhou, are featured in the 49th issue of Forest Cover, the Global Forest Coalition’s magazine on international forest policy. This issue is focused on Meat as a Driver of Deforestation. You can download the complete English PDF here, French PDF here, and Spanish PDF  here.

Mia’s article, Missing from the Paris Climate Agreement: Any mention of industrial agriculturediscusses industrial agricultural’s role in deforestation and climate change at large (web version; PDF).

“Livestock and soy production are by far the main causes of deforestation in South America, the continent with the world’s highest deforestation rates, and meat and feed production are also key drivers of forest loss and land use change in other regions. If current trends continue, global meat consumption is expected to rise by 76 per cent by 2050. It will be almost impossible to achieve the targets agreed in Paris without a shift to eating, and producing, less meat, as well other animal products.”

Wanqing’s piece, The Tragic Triangle of Meat Consumerism and Hope for the Futurebriefly summarizes her latest Triangle research (web version; PDF).

“From a purely economic perspective, in the face of growing demand the evolution towards capital-intensive industrialized production seems to be inevitable and desirable (in order to meet demand). Equally certain, however, is that from the ecological and sociological perspective, such evolution is unsustainable, and more importantly, avoidable and adjustable.”

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