Montreal Vegan Festival – An Exchange on the Food Movement

Montreal Vegan Festival – An Exchange on the Food Movement

Wanqing speaks about veganism in China

November 16, 2015
Wanqing Zhou has a new blog on The Montreal Vegan Festival and her presentation on veganism in China. Here’s a snippet from the blog (which can be read in its entirety here):

It was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and windy, but veganism created a hot spot at the heart of Montreal. Organizers of the Montreal Vegan Festival estimated that on November 7th, over 10,000 people were attracted to the rows of vegan product-sampling booths, mouth-watering culinary demonstrations, and eye-opening stories that transformed lives around the world.

As part of the forum, Brighter Green’s documentary What’s For Dinner? was screened to 250 people, followed by an introduction to the ongoing vegan movement in China.

To most people in Montreal, China is both familiar and unfamiliar. Media coverage about China’s growing meat consumption can easily worry our vegan friends in Canada, but the reality is still far beyond reach. Through the lens of film director Jian Yi, the audience was directly exposed to the social and environmental complexity on the other end of the globe, as well as the discussions and changes that are taking place at the moment.