Brighter Green Officially Releases <em>The Triangle</em> at COP21

Brighter Green Officially Releases The Triangle at COP21

Yesterday at our joint side event at COP21 in Paris, Brighter Green officially released our newest publication, The Triangle: The Evolution and Future of Industrial Animal Agriculture in the U.S., China, and Brazil. The paper is written by Associate Wanqing Zhou, and is based on a presentation she made at the Global Research Forum on Production and Consumption in Shanghai, China, on June 10th, 2014.

In the paper, and accompanying one-page summary (available in English and Chinese), Wanqing talks about the U.S.’ model of factory farming, and how that model has not only been exported around the world, but legitimized as an efficient, cheap way to produce food. She recommends that the ever-growing movement to  “deligitimize” fossil fuels as an energy source for the purpose of mitigating climate change can and should be applied to meat consumption, as well, as a way to improve public health, soil/water/air quality, animal welfare, and livelihoods. To learn more about the paper, please click here.

The Triangle is the first discussion paper by Brighter Green. We look forward to sharing and getting feedback on this and future works.