Brighter Green in the Huffington Post

Mia MacDonald posted a blog on Goldman Sachs’s investment in factory farming in China on the Huffington Post. Read it here. Feel free to add your comments or share with others or link to it.

Mia MacDonald’s Presentation from Pace Law School Now Available

Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald recently discussed the environmental impacts of factory farming at a Pace Law School Panel, organized by the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Environmental Law Society. Click here for the PDF of this presentation.

Hot off the Press: Diet for a Hot Planet

Brighter Green colleague Anna Lappé’s new book is out. Diet for a Hot Planet addresses the climate impact of our food choices, and what we can do to make a difference. Thanks, Anna, for mentioning Brighter Green’s work in helping to shape a more just and sustainable food system for New York City!

Article by Mia MacDonald Featured in Resurgence Magazine

The March issue of Resurgence Magazine, themed “The Future of Food,” has published an article by Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald. Click here for a PDF version of the article, “Eat Like it Matters.”

Congratulations to Karin Chien!

Karin Chien, founder of dGenerate Films and Co-Executive Producer with Brighter Green of “What’s for Dinner?”, has won the Piaget Producers Prize at the Independent Spirit Awards. Karin won the award for her work on The Exploding Girl, and Santa Mesa.

Mia MacDonald Joins Green Belt Board

Executive Director Mia MacDonald has joined the Board of Directors of Green Belt Movement International-North America. Founded in 1977 by Nobel Peace Laureate and Brighter Green colleague, Wangari Maathai, the Green Belt Movement (GBM) promotes a bottom-up, holistic approach to development and environmental conservation.

OpEdNews Reprints Brighter Green Article

The piece by Mia MacDonald, originally published in “Sanctuary,” the newsletter of Farm Sanctuary, makes clear the connection between animal agriculture and environmental degradation, and spotlights city-level “green food” resolutions.

Presentations from Copenhagen Climate Talks Now Available

Presentations from Brighter Green and the Green Belt Movement’s Copenhagen side event are now available. Click to view PDFs from Brighter Green’s Mia MacDonald, Dupoto Forest and Wildlife Association’s Samwel Naikada and The Green Belt Movement’s Fredrick Njau. Interested in more? Here’s Mia’s blog on the side event.

Brighter Green on Air America Radio

Richard Greene, host and producer of a daily show on Air America, interviewed Mia MacDonald last night at the Klimaforum about “What’s for Dinner?” and Brighter Green’s work on the globalization of industrial animal agriculture.

COP 15 Post Covers Wangari Maathai and Side Event

Citing parts of Samuel Naikada’s presentation at the “side event” co-sponsored by the Green Belt Movement and Brighter Green on December 11 at the Copenhagen climate summit, the COP 15 Post (a daily paper on the summit proceedings in English) has published an article on Wangari Maathai, and climate change in Kenya.