Climate Change from Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives

Just in time for the UN climate change meeting taking place in Bali, Indonesia, December 3-14, comes the inaugural issue of Environmental News, produced by the Nairobi-based Indigenous Information Network through a partnership with Brighter Green.

Brighter Green Participates in Chicago Conference

Executive Director Mia MacDonald spoke about the globalization of industrial meat production on Saturday, November 3rd at an all-day conference co-sponsored by EarthSave Chicago and the University of Chicago’s Vegan Society.

Opinion Editorial: the Farm Bill We Need

Mia MacDonald of Brighter Green and Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary describe their vision for food, farming and agriculture as the 2007 U.S. Farm Bill is debated.

White Paper Focus of Story on Farm Bill and Small Farmers

Brighter Green and Farm Sanctuary’s white paper on the farm bill was the subject of an article in Connecticut’s Record-Journal.

White Paper Cited on Numerous Websites

Coverage by Web-based news and information sources.

White Paper Front Page Feature in Feedstuffs

Brighter Green and Farm Sanctuary’s 2007 farm bill white paper leads agribusiness publication news.

Brighter Green/Farm Sanctuary Farm Bill White Paper Released

Collaborative analysis published: The 2007 Farm Bill: A New Vision for U.S. Agriculture, Food Production and Healthy Eating

White Paper Covered by Agribusiness Journal

Drovers, “America’s beef business source,” features environmental and animal welfare recommendations.