Vegan Exposures in the Latest Sustainable Events in D.C.

Vegan Exposures in the Latest Sustainable Events in D.C.

Vegan dessert at the Green Festival Expo

May 18, 2016 

Associate Wanqing Zhou attended the Food Tank Summit and the Green Festival Expo in Washington D.C. This blog discusses veganism at both of these events. Here’s a snippet from the blog (which can be read in its entirety here):

From the Food Tank Summit to the Green Festival Expo, springtime in Washington D.C. is seeing the sustainable food revolution heating up. Danielle Nierenberg, founder and president of Food Tank, started off the summit by saying, “I’m frankly tired of hearing about how bad things are … we are here to focus on innovative solutions.” Solutions are being applied to make changes in the real world.

At the 2016 Food Tank Summit, 70 farmers, chefs, scholars, business owners, policy makers, writers, reporters, and activists shared the latest trends and actions in the sustainable food and agriculture movement. Topics include interdisciplinary collaborations, nutrients in foods, protein of the future, food and national security, food waste and recovery, progresses in policy, investment and entrepreneurship, organic food and agriculture, social equity and fair trade, and last but not least, family farmers who lead the change with their hands.

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