White Paper Covered by Agribusiness Journal

White Paper Covered by Agribusiness Journal

Full text of the story in Drovers follows:

Congress to receive animal welfare, environmental recommendations in Farm Bill White Paper By Drovers news source (6/27/07)

For the first time in history, the concerns of animal advocates will be brought to light in explicit detail, as part of a white paper urging major revisions to the 2007 Farm Bill.

Co-published by Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, and Brighter Green, an environmental policy “think tank” organization focusing on equity, sustainability and rights, the white paper provides a comprehensive set of proposals for the federal government and Congress concerning industrial agriculture and food production. It tackles provisions in the Farm Bill that violate the Constitution, put communities at risk, and turn a blind eye to ethical, economic and environmental realities.

Farm Sanctuary President, Gene Baur, said the Farm Bill white paper illustrates the beginning of a broad coming together for environmental, animal rights and human rights organizations, all stakeholders in creating a sustainable, compassionate and economically viable future.

“This is a galvanizing time for individuals and organizations that care about the parallel issues of human rights, environmental stewardship, consumer choice, and animal protection,” Baur said. “We offer a new vision for our nation that rejects gratuitous cruelty, environmental degradation, destruction of rural communities and the human health risks that come with industrialized animal production. Our white paper brings much needed sanity to agricultural policy in the U.S., by proposing reforms that encourage compassionate, healthy, sustainable practices—while current policy promotes just the opposite.”

A big-picture approach with many practical details on reforming current farming practices, the paper addresses the multiplicity of interconnected issues, including poverty, human health and good nutrition, organic agriculture, animal well being, trade, corporate accountability, and environmental stewardship.

“With this paper, Farm Sanctuary and Brighter Green illustrate how crucial the Farm Bill is to the way we live,” said Brighter Green Executive Director, Mia MacDonald. “Current farm policy is seriously out of step with economic, political and environmental reality. It ensures a steady supply of unhealthy food heavily subsidized by taxpayers and derived from environmentally destructive farming practices. Revised, the Farm Bill could help promote healthy, humane eating for all Americans. It could also ensure healthy communities, conservation of habitat and wildlife, and animal welfare. These goals are within reach. Together, we can help our government get its priorities and polices right.”

Baur added, “Members of Congress will no longer get away with ignoring the concerns and needs of communities and citizens for the sake of corporate factory farming’s short-term profits. This most costly and egregious case of corporate welfare is in its final throes, and individuals stuck on the status quo better start thinking about other options, because Americans won’t be cheated much longer.”

Source: Farm Sanctuary