White Paper Front Page Feature in Feedstuffs

White Paper Front Page Feature in Feedstuffs

Feedstuffs, considered the Wall Street Journal of the agribusiness industry, made the release of the white paper the top story in its June 27, 2007 issue (print and Web-based). No news yet on whether Rupert Murdoch will put in a bid for Feedstuffs, but here’s the text of the Web story (below). Click here to see the print version.

Activist groups release farm bill white paper (6/27/2007)

Two activist groups—Farm Sanctuary, which promotes animal protection, and Brighter Green, an environmental policy think tank—have issued a 2007 farm bill white paper calling for “a new vision” for U.S. agriculture, food production and healthful eating. The paper rejects the animal cruelty, environmental degradation and destruction of rural communities that farm bills, by design or unintentionally, have historically supported and replace that with compassionate and sustainable practices, according to Farm Sanctuary president Gene Baur.

The 28-page paper, which has been distributed to all members of the House and Senate agriculture committees, urges Congress to pursue several objectives, including ending the farm bill’s “silence” on animal welfare (“create and enforce animal welfare regulations that meet or exceed” those in the European Union) and redirect research toward animal well-being and plant-based diets.

The full report is available at www.farmsanctuary.org or www.brightergreen.org.