The Triangle

The Triangle

The Triangle is a discussion paper by Associate Wanqing Zhou. It explores the “triangle of factory farming” linking the world’s three biggest players in the meat industry (the U.S., China, and Brazil) and analyzes the dynamics shaping this triangle. Wanqing presented an earlier version of this paper at the Global Research Forum on Production and Consumption in Shanghai, China, on June 10th, 2014.

Download the full paper here, or by clicking on the picture below.

A one-page summary of the longer paper is available here (front page in English, back page in Chinese).

Left: The Triangle Summary (English) Right: 三国概要 (中文)


March 2017
The Triangle was mentioned in an article in That’s Mag, and referred to as a “groundbreaking discussion paper” by the author, Betty Richardson.

December 2015
Wanqing Zhou and Mia MacDonald attended COP21 in Paris, France where Wanqing spoke on Brighter Green’s co-organized side event panel and officially released The Triangle.

November 2015
Wanqing Zhou was mentioned in Le Devoir, a Canadian newspaper, as a highlighted speaker at the Montreal Vegan Festival, where she gave a presentation based on her work on The Triangle.

August 2015
Wanqing and Jian Yi, director of Brighter Green’s documentary film, What’s For Dinner?, were interviewed by Freedom of Species Radio in Melbourne, Australia. In late August/early September 2015, another draft of The Triangle was released for three conferences in Durban, South Africa.

May 2015
Wanqing wrote an article for Diálogo Chino (an online magazine focused on Latin America, China, and the environment) based on her research for the paper. The article was altered slightly and featured on China Dialogue as well.

July 2014
Wanqing was interviewed by Our Hen House about her work on the paper as well as traveling around China earlier in the summer to share What’s For Dinner? A draft of the paper was also distributed at conference on animal rights in Washington, D.C.