Additional Resources

Additional Resources

What follows is a set of informational resources on many of the aspects of “factory farming,” also known as industrial (or intensive) animal agriculture. The resources are organized into thematic sections where links can be found to media articles, reports from UN and non-governmental groups, and relevant organizations and campaigns. Issues related to intensive aquaculture and fisheries are contained in the link titled “Aquatic Life.” All other sections contain information on issues related to land-based animal agriculture.

These resources are intended as reference points for individuals, groups, journalists, scholars, and others interested in the scope and scale of industrial animal agriculture and its spread from industrialized countries to southern regions.


For Educators

Lesson plan and curriculum resources for educators





Factory Farming: Animal Welfare

Factory Farming: Environment

Factory Farming: Globalization

Factory Farming: Organizations and Campaigns

Factory Farming: Poverty and Food Security

Factory Farming: Public Health

Factory Farming: Social Justice