International Climate Advocacy

International Climate Advocacy

The International Climate Advocacy program shares research and policy analysis, builds capacity and knowledge, and fosters collaboration on equitable food and agricultural systems through participation in global climate change–policy processes, national dialogues and trainings, and local initiatives. We seek to bring new perspectives by facilitating the participation of students, young advocates, researchers, and international colleagues.

UN Climate Change Summits

Brighter Green participates frequently in international climate conferences, from meetings of subsidiary parties to the large annual Conference of the Parties (COP). At these summits, we disseminate our research to encourage policy action on industrial animal agriculture and climate change, as well as on the need to support indigenous peoples, local economies, biodiversity, public health, and animal welfare.

Global Forest Coalition Collaboration

Our long-standing collaboration with the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) has led to original research and documentation on the impacts of industrial livestock farming on the world’s forests and the people who rely on them. This research is available here.

Young Women’s Leadership Initiative

The Young Women’s Leadership Initiative prepares Maasai girls to be environmental leaders. Working with the U.S. nonprofit Tribal Link and three indigenous non-governmental organizations, Brighter Green supported six young women who couldn’t afford a formal education, paid their school fees and living expenses through secondary school and college, and provided mentoring, special trainings, and internships. You can read more about the Initiative on its website.

NYC Food Policy (2008–10)

In 2009, the City Council of New York passed a resolution supporting “FoodprintNYC,” a citywide initiative that established the link between food policy and climate change. It encouraged climate-friendly food policies and programs, public awareness campaigns and greater access to local, fresh, healthy food for New Yorkers. Brighter Green was one of the organizations that worked for the passage of this resolution.