COP 18

COP 18

The 2012 meeting of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 18) was held in Doha, Qatar from November 26 to December 2, 2012.

Mia MacDonald and Eve Feng of Brighter Green attended the conference to share Brighter Green’s research on climate change and the globalization of intensive animal agriculture. Brighter Green participated in a side event “Climate Change & Ensuring Sustainable, Humane, Equitable Food Systems: Views from the North and South,” with Humane Society International (HSI) and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Mia MacDonald moderated. Xie Zheng, featured in Brighter Green’s short documentary “What’s for Dinner?” spoke at the event and posted a video of his presentation and his journey to Qatar.

Here is another video of Xie Zheng being interviewed (and singing!) at the UNFCCC’s Climate Change Studio at the conference center in Doha.

Below, see a list of Brighter Green blogs from and about the conference.

Blogging from Doha

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