Preventing Pandemics & Enabling Equity: Panel on April 13th@CUGH Global Health Conference

Preventing Pandemics & Enabling Equity: Panel on April 13th@CUGH Global Health Conference

More than three years into the COVID-19 pandemic era, the world’s governments are still grappling with how to prevent and prepare for future pandemics, including through a “pandemic instrument” being negotiated now with the World Health Organisation as the lead agency.

Join Brighter Green and partners* at a half-day session in Washington, DC on Thurs., April 13th, “From Science to Policy: how the Pandemic Instrument can prevent pandemics and enable equity,” organized as part of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health/CUGH 14th annual global health conference. Register here.

The satellite session will center on the importance of prevention of spillover, a One Health approach that transcends anthropocentrism, and ensuring a whole of society, whole of government approach. International frameworks (such as One Health, economy of wellbeing, and international resolutions) can only be successful if they are inclusive and move beyond the instrumentalization of animals and nature. The satellite session will consider the stage of development of the pandemic instrument, reflect on the status of negotiations, and emphasize the importance of science and evidence-driven policy work and legislation.

Speakers include:

(video statement) Dr. Chadia Wannous, World Organisation for Animal Health

(video statement) Dr. Daniela Battaglia, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Dr. Catherine Machalaba, One Health High-Level Expert Panel & EcoHealth Alliance

Prof. Sam Halabi, Georgetown University

Dr. Ann Linder, Harvard Law School

Dr. Hope Ferdowsian, Phoenix Zones Initiative

Dr. Chris Walzer, Wildlife Conservation Society

(video statement) John Scanlon AO, End Wildlife Crime

Nicoletta Dentico, Society for International Development

Dr. Syd Johnson, Upstate Medical University

Nina Jamal, MSc, FOUR PAWS International

*Brighter Green’s partners for this event that’s part of CUGH (Consortium of Universities for Global Health) are FOUR PAWS International, Born Free Foundation, Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime, Phoenix Zones Initiative, Wildlife Conservation Society, World Animal Protection, and the World Federation for Animals. Please join us and please spread the word.