Policy Brief #1: Skillful Means

Only two generations after a devastating national famine, is eating increasingly high on the food chain. In the past ten years, consumption of China’s most popular meat, pork, has doubled. In 2007, China raised well over half a… Read More

Cattle, Soyanization, and Climate Change

Brazil leads the world in exports of beef and veal as well as poultry. It is also a leading global supplier of soybeans, an integral component of farmed animal feed. Brazil’s expanding livestock sector is intimately linked with… Read More

Ethiopia: Climate, Food Security, & Growth

Despite a modern history of deadly droughts, famine, near-famine, and persistent poverty, Ethiopia is home to Africa’s largest livestock population, and is Africa’s top livestock producer and exporter (principally to the Middle East). The livestock sector represents about… Read More

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Brighter Green publishes its Fall 2010 newsletter.

The Environment and Animal Agriculture

Presented at the 2010 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, Brighter Green Senior Fellow Martin Rowe explains the links between industrial animal agriculture, climate change and food security.

Investment Bankers with Wings: Making a Killing

Listening to members of the Senate subcommittee on investigations interrogate Goldman Sachs executives, I couldn’t help but think, “chicken.” And then, “where’s the beef?” Not because the executives parried, ducked, and even drew out their syllables (much to… Read More

The Environment and Industrial Animal Agriculture

Ten billion farmed animals are raised and slaughtered each year in the US’60 billion, around the world. This presentation touched in the environmental consequences of the global growing demand for animal products.

Eat Like It Matters

Reducing the meat products on our plates may be our most effective measure against global warming.

The Ecological Impacts of Animal Agriculture

Numbers sometimes tell a story better than words can. First: 86 million. That’s the number of acres planted with corn in the U.S. Next: 4.35 million — the total number of U.S. acres planted with vegetables (130,000 of… Read More

Livestock, Livelihoods, and Climate Change

Presented at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald explains the links between industrial animal agriculture, climate change and livelihood security.