Fall 2009 Newsletter

Brighter Green publishes its Fall 2009 Newsletter

Global Warming & Food Choices

Brighter Green Research Associate Justine Simon discusses the climate impacts of our food choices.

Factory Farming: A Chinese Perspective

Brighter Green Associate Stella Zhou discusses the social, environmental, and animal welfare consequences of industrial animal agriculture in China.

Food and Climate Change: The Meat of the Matter

Executive Director of Brighter Green, Mia MacDonald, describes the effects of intensive animal agriculture on climate change and fossil fuel use in a powerpoint lecture at New York University, convened during Climate Week NYC, September 25, 2009. Double-click… Read More

Summer 2009 Newsletter

Brighter Green publishes its Summer 2009 newsletter.

China Encounters Factory Farming

The emergence of swine flu has raised fears about the potential public health impacts of industrial animal agriculture. Mia MacDonald asks if China can avoid the mistakes made by factory-farming nations in the west.

Climate Friendly Eating: Global Warming & Food

Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald discusses how to reduce our “food prints.”

An Interview with Mia MacDonald on China’s Growing Appetite for U.S.-Style Meat Production

Old MacDonald had a farm — one resounding with oinks and moos and squawks. By today’s standards, the old man’s farm would count as a model of biodiversity. Researcher Mia MacDonald points out that across the planet, old… Read More

Skillful Means: Chinese (PDF)

请即时发布 纽约行动智库Brighter Green发布主题报告:不断增长的中国肉类和奶制品 消费和生产对于生态、公共健康和粮食安全的影响

The Environmental Impacts of Global Meat Consumption

Brighter Green Executive Director Mia Macdonald is interviewed by Portland radio, kink.fm