Jian Yi to Screen <em>What’s For Dinner?</em> Sequel at NYU Shanghai

Jian Yi to Screen What’s For Dinner? Sequel at NYU Shanghai

Location: NYU Shanghai Auditorium, Room 1504, 1555 Century Avenue, Shanghai, China

Date: Thursday, April 14, 5:00 – 6:30 PM

RSVP: Free of charge with RSVP

Brighter Green’s partner, independent filmmaker and activist, Jian Yi, will be speaking at an event at NYU Shanghai following the screening of his film What’s For Dinner? as well as the brand new follow-up film, Six Years On: What’s For Dinner? Both films address the consumption of meat in China and the increasing industrialization of agriculture. This is one of the first public screenings of Six Years On.


This event is part of the second annual Go Green Week, organized by two student groups, Green Shanghai and Animal Rights & Herbivores Society at NYU Shanghai. This week leads up to the NYU Shanghai Sustainable Development Conference on April 16th, which aims to raise awareness of the current global environmental issues and to share practical, evidence-based solutions that can support the Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of Green Shanghai is to spread awareness of environmental issues facing our school, our city, and the world. Additionally, Green Shanghai will act as a wealth of research information as members collect, analyze, and report various environmental findings throughout the city. By setting an example for students, teachers, and residents, the club can serve as a catalyst for positive change in our community, demonstrating the power of individual contributions and collaboration.

The Animal Rights & Herbivores Society initiative aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable solutions, and inspire others to take action, through a variety of events discussing animal protection, ecological businesses, environmental NGOs, food production, and sustainable development. This year, the students organizers, led by Nofar Hamrany and Omer Cohen, are working with the global NYU community, and made the event a tradition that will happen simultaneously on NYU’s campuses in Shanghai, New York, and Abu Dhabi.