Panel on Global Equity and Animal Agriculture

Panel on Global Equity and Animal Agriculture

In celebration of Earth Week, Mia MacDonald is speaking on a panel at New York University titled, “Global Equity and Animal Agriculture.” She will be joined on the panel by:

Lori Gruen, Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University

Chetana Mirle, Director, Farm Animals, Humane Society International

Peter Li, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, University of Houston

Here is a brief description of the event:

The rapid globalization of the livestock industry, particularly the use of intensive systems of production, ought to be high on policy agendas for climate change, food security, equity, and animal welfare, but so far, the topic has been marginal in most of these arenas. This lack of attention risks forfeiting a crucial opportunity to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and create a more sustainable, equitable, humane, and climate-compatible food system. Countries in the global South, already most affected by global warming, have an opportunity to lead in a new direction, away from the Western model—with multiple benefits for their people, their environments, and the global climate.  The panel seeks to shed light on this topic, and encourage discussion about ways to address it in its multiple dimensions.

The event is part of NYU’s Earthweek, and is co-sponsored by the following NYU departments and groups: Animal Studies Initiative, Food Studies, Sustainability Task Force, Earth Matters, the Environmental Studies Club, and the Earthweek Committee.

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