African Animal Welfare Conference

African Animal Welfare Conference

The 4th Africa Animal Welfare Conference will take place virtually from September 7 – 10. The conference brings together academics, advocates, and policymakers to engage around the theme, Animal Welfare, Wildlife, and Environmental Conservation for Sustainable Development in Africa: Enhancing Nature-Based Solutions.

Executive Director Mia MacDonald will moderate a panel on Tuesday, September 8th. Details are included below.

Title: Factory farming alternatives for secure, sustainable food systems in Africa

Tues., Sept 8th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. GMT + 3

Description: Ensuring sustainable, climate-compatible, and humane food systems in Africa requires cross-sectoral engagement and action. To achieve this, the expansion of factory farming systems needs to be examined and challenged by academics, advocates, and policy-makers. This panel will create a dialogue among representatives from each of these sectors with a view to setting a forward-looking agenda for research, policy innovation, and ongoing collaboration across Africa and globally.


Dr. Marosi Molomo, Director of Livestock and Agriculture, Government of Lesotho; ANAW board of directors (tbc)

Judy Muriithi, Lawyers for Animal Protection in Africa, Kenya

Kristie O’Neill, Ph.D., independent scholar, Canada

Quixi Sonntag, Lecturer and Faculty Community Engagement Coordinator, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Tozie Zokufa, Regional Coordinator, CAAWO, South Africa

Moderator: Mia MacDonald, Brighter Green, U.S.; ANAW-U.S. board of directors

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