Brighter Green Participates in the First Good Food Hero Summit in China

Brighter Green Participates in the First Good Food Hero Summit in China

Jian Yi, left and Mia MacDonald, right

Mia MacDonald and Caroline Wimberly of Brighter Green are in China, where they’ve joined our colleagues Jian Yi and Amelie Rousseau, a plant-based chef (and other presenters and mentors), to launch the first ever Good Food Hero Summit. They will be joined in person by experts, and entrepreneurs, and food activists from China and Taiwan. Others will participate via Skype, including: Jeff Sebo, Clinical Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Director of the Animal Studies M.A. Program at New York University; Farhaan Ladhani, the Deputy Director for Direct Diplomacy at the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development Canada; and Erica Meier, the Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing.

Good Food team

In two three-day sessions in Yangzhou, in Jiangsu province, a hundred participants will learn about animal ethics, journalism/investigative reporting, food education, and food politics from international experts. Participants will share their ideas and plans with one another and the mentors to expand projects and plans. They’ll take part in workshops on how to develop effective means of communication, engage in creative research, and capture the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Good Food presenters and mentors

The Good Food Hero Summit is part of Brighter Green’s Good Food initiative—itself a component of Brighter Green’s China Program. This program exposes citizens to the issues of climate change, food security, animal welfare, and public health raised by the policy paper Skillful Means: China’s Encounter with Factory Farming, and two documentary films: What’s For Dinner? and Six Years On. Brighter Green has also organized a Road Show, in which attendees of workshops learn about plant-based food, much of it grown locally.

In addition, we’ve shared details about our Good Food Academy website with participants to help them stay engaged. The website offers research and resources from organizations such as Food & Water Watch, ReFED, Chatham House, Mercy For Animals, Compassion In World Farming, and the World Resources Institute.

You can view more photos of the trip here.

Caroline Wimberly, left, Hazel Zhang, middle, and Mia MacDonald, right