Rio 2016: Fighting Deforestation while Selling Burgers

The 2016 Olympics kicked off in Rio, Brazil with the opening ceremony on August 5th. During the event there was acknowledgement of climate change with images that illustrated rising temperatures, melting polar ice caps, and rising sea levels. Following these images there… Read More

At COP 19, Global Landscapes Forum Calls for Change

COP 19’s Global Landscapes Forum, where Brighter Green co-sponsored a side event, released a statement calling for a new approach to tackling climate change, food insecurity, and poverty saying that “fragmentation is our enemy”. The statement calls for the need to “work together across landscapes”.

Industrial Agriculture, Livestock Farming, and Climate Change: Global Social, Cultural, Ecological, and Ethical Impacts of an Unsustainable Industry

Brighter Green and the Global Forest Coalition expanded biodiversity laws in their joint 2013 paper: Industrial Agriculture, Livestock Farming, and Climate Change: Global Social, Cultural, Ecological, and Ethical Impacts of an Unsustainable Industry.

Wangari Maathai (1940–2011)

Mia MacDonald is quoted in this article in the U.K. Independent about how Kenyans are dealing with the loss of Wangari Maathai. Mia recalls the day in 2004 when Wangari learned she had won Nobel Peace Prize — Mia was there — and how what happened after the news broke embodied Wangari’s approach and the values she held.

Brighter Green Presentations

Since 2008, Mia MacDonald, Brighter Green’s Executive Director, and associates have given many presentations and interviews. Here are a selection of those that were recorded: Video “Plate to Planet Video Series: Mia MacDonald on the Environment,” Farm Sanctuary,… Read More

COP 15: Copenhagen, December 2009

Brighter Green presented a side event Samwel Naikada of the Dupoto Forest and Wildlife Association and Fredrick Njau of the Green Belt Movement.

Brighter Green and Climate Week NYC

Over the years, Brighter Green has given presentations on the links between meat consumption and global warming in conjunction with Climate Week NYC. In 2010, Mia MacDonald gave a presentation on the links between meat consumption and global… Read More

Articles on Food Security, Factory Farming, and the Environment

Over the years, Mia MacDonald and Brighter Green associates have produced many op-ed pieces, articles, and book chapters, on factory farming’s contribution to the climate crisis, food insecurity, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, and public health. They have also… Read More

SIMOO and IIN at Basecamp in Kenya

The six person delegation of pastoral community activists and one radio reporter who travelled to Basecamp Maasai Mara in southern Kenya to exchange experiences has reported back. “It was very enlightening and beneficial to the participants,” writes Daniel Salau of SIMOO. “We hope this will be the beginning of long-term partnership.” The delegation’s report offers details of what this peer-to-peer learning visit entailed, and what sustainable development looks like on the ground.

Brighter Green’s Girls’ Education Initiative

Brighter Green’s initiative, piloted with partners in the U.S., Kenya, and Tanzania, launches this week, with the participation of 10 girls from Maasai communities. “All the girls have now secured places in schools and look forward to start classes in the next one week.”