The Africa Network for Animal Welfare

The Africa Network for Animal Welfare

From left to right; Josphat Ngonyo, Mia MacDonald and Tozie Zokufa, who currently serves as chair of PAAWA.

Monday, October 17th
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Brooklyn, NY
Co-hosted by Brighter Green, Satya magazine and Lantern Books.
RSVP required ( for location and directions.

Join us for a conversation with three members of the Nairobi-based Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016*: executive director/co-founder Josphat Ngonyo, wildlife scientist and director of public affairs Kahindi Lekalhaile and board chair Ambassador Nehemiah Rotich (former director of the Kenya Wildlife Service). They will share updates on their ground-breaking work on community conservation, anti-poaching, humane education and farm animal welfare initiatives. No other organization that we know about in sub-Saharan Africa is working across conservation and animal welfare the way ANAW is; they’ve also helped incubate the Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA).

Another reason to attend: the ANAW team will be selling small wire sculptures of African animals made from poachers’ snares adorned with beads. All proceeds support anti-poaching efforts.

Satya’s 21st anniversary issue, The Long View, features two articles on animal welfare in Africa including Mia MacDonald’s encounter with large-scale egg production in Kenya, a trip taken with ANAW staff, as well as an interview with ANAW co-founder Josphat Ngonyo, conducted by Rachel Cernansky, a long-time Satya editor and now contributor to The New York Times.

* Brighter Green’s Mia MacDonald attended the commemoration and spoke on behalf of the ANAW-USA board.

And, if the timing works out, we’ll be joined by Brighter Green colleague Jian Yi, who’s visiting the U.S. from China. Jian Yi is an independent filmmaker and cultural activist who directed “What’s for Dinner?,” Brighter Green’s documentary about rising meat consumption in China (the first of its kind) and the recently completed sequel, “Six Years On.” Jian Yi and Mia MacDonald will be screening “Six Years On” at New York University on Wednesday, October 19th.