In memoriam: Gene Gollogly, member of the Brighter Green board of directors

It is with considerable sadness that we announce that Brighter Green board member Eugene (Gene) Gollogly passed away suddenly earlier this month, aged 70, of a heart attack in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. A publisher, convener, world traveler, great… Read More Interview with Brighter Green

Executive Director Mia MacDonald was interviewed by in a piece called “How Can We Avoid a Repeat of the Coronavirus Pandemic?”

Dr. Wadchara Pumpradit, Thai Doctor and Animal Activist, Interviewed

Brighter Green fellow Isabel Schmidt interviewed Dr. Wadchara Pumpradit recently for a piece in Sentient Media called “The Most Dedicated Activists Don’t Always Shout the Loudest.”

Brighter Green Joins Orgs to Urge a Shift Towards Plant-rich Diets at UNFCCC

Brighter Green, ProVeg International, and a number of other orgs have put forward a submission to the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) to call for a shift towards plant-rich diets and away from intensive livestock production to… Read More

Transformative Actions to Reduce Unsustainable Meat and Dairy Consumption and Production Panel

Brighter Green is co-hosting a panel with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), ProVeg International, and World Animal Net (WAN) Wednesday, November 25th at 9:15 AM EST called “Transformative actions to reduce unsustainable meat and dairy consumption and production:… Read More

Judy Bankman Writes Article in Civil Eats about the Challenges and Support in an Agricultural Community

Brighter Green associate Judy Bankman published an article in Civil Eats titled “The Collective Farm Helping Oregon’s Latinx Farmworkers Weather the Pandemic.”

Call for Animal Welfare to be Addressed in Covid-19 Recovery Policies and Financing in The Animals’ Manifesto

On October 4th, World Animal Day, World Animal Net and over 80 animal protection organizations from across the world, including Brighter Green, join together to call for animal welfare to be addressed in Covid-19 recovery policies and financing.

Organizations Sign Letter Criticizing Biodiversity Summit

Brighter Green has joined organizations from around the world, the majority from the global south, in signing a letter raising critical points about the UN summit, the biodiversity crisis and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Animals Climate Health Webinar Series

Animals Climate Health is hosting a webinar series happening over the next few months.

African Animal Welfare Conference

The 4th Africa Animal Welfare Conference will take place virtually from September 7 – 10.